About the Global Series

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Over the past 15 years, I have seen dramatic changes in the power industry; moving from fossil-generated to renewable energy and from centralised to more distributed and intelligent energy networks. The emergence of smart energy has forced utilities to review their business models, look at new technologies for their networks and force them to put the customer first.

Traditional vendors have had to reinvent themselves due to “disruptive“ technologies and new entrants into the market. Most have been able to make that transition not just by developing new products, but offering “solutions” that meet the needs of the utility customer. Unfortunately, those who were not able to adapt fast enough, are no longer around.

These developments are happening globally, but there are big differences in government policies, regulations, investments and infrastructure between regions and countries. However, one thing is certain and that is, the “Smart Energy Revolution” is on well on its way. Not only will it change the future of the power industry, but it will also have a huge impact on the everyday life of everyone.

We have been able to follow the developments closely over the years and play an important role in the transition. By working closely with key stakeholders in the global utility industry, we are proud to say we deliver the world’s leading smart energy events developed by the industry for the industry.  Our shows tackle key issues across the value chain from power generation, renewables, transmission, and distribution, right through to energy efficiency, customer engagement and even smart cities.

Our events are created to foster debate, to help develop strategies for the future, encourage new technologies and solutions to be introduced, and to share the best practice examples from all over the world with the aim of helping to develop a clean, reliable, sustainable and energy efficient future for all. The “when” and “how” this will happen, nobody exactly knows, but that it will happen is without doubt....

Rick Wall
Managing Director
Global Utility Group